From Bangkok to Koh Chang trip

By: - December 29, 2020

Koh Chang is a lovely island just 5-7 hours trip away from Bangkok. It’s a simple and easy way to experience nice local kitchen, beautiful beaches and laid back life style of Thais.

How to get there?

Bangkok to Trat: We used a van to Trat from Bangkok, there are 2 options to start, Ekamai or Mo Chit for this route.  

Ekamai bus terminal: We chose to start from Ekamai. From BTS Ekamai take exit 2 and go straight about 500m and you’ll find the terminal. This time we bought our tickets online for 390 baht/person and there was also a charge for the card payment. Overall, not too bad of a deal.

Tips: if you don’t need specific timing to go, it could be cheaper when you buy the ticket directly on the terminal but remember the last ferry from Trat is at 7:00 PM so leaving Bangkok any later than 12:00 PM could be too risky and you might spend an extra night in Trat to catch the ferry from the very morning the next day.
Also, it’s better to choose Ekamai / Mo Chit - Koh Chang cost 440 baht/person instead of to Ekamai/Mo Chit - Trat (I will explain later why). If you booked online like we did, you should check the company name, go the counter in the terminal and get the real ticket and they will tell you the bus number. It’ll take 5 hours from Bangkok to Trat.

Trat to Koh Chang (Ao Sapparot pier):
There will be a 2x stop for toilet breaks in between the journey. The small twist here was that we were dropped off in a small shop in Trat. Just for your information, if you happen to be dropped off like me, no worries just go to the small counter and buy another ticket for 80 baht/person for the ferry and wait for the Songthaew (name of the local taxi) came to go to Thammachat pier. Songthaew will take about 30 minutes to reach the pier.

Thammachat pier to Ao Sapparot pier:
Since we bought the ticket from the previous stop so we just directly went to the ferry. The ferry normally runs every hour. From Thammachat pier to Ao Sapparot pier it’ll take 40 mins by ferry.

Tips: the reason I suggest you choose a direct van to Koh Chang. Cause it’ll be less hassle for your trip and it’ll cost the same. However, if you like to explore on your now and do not mind a bit of a longer journey, go ahead with the first option.

How to go around the island?

Koh Chang is quite a big island so if you wanna explore all parts I suggest to rent a bike cause it’ll be more cost-effective and way easier. If you did not drive motorbikes before, no worries. It’s a normal way of transportation here and islands are in general the best place to start you learning experience instead big cities like Bangkok.

There will be a bike rental opposite of Ao Sapparot pier it’ll cost you 300baht / day. The rental in the city mostly cost 250baht/ day.

Tips: You might be asked to leave the passport in the deposit. I in general do this but always try to haggle to leave my id instead. Sometimes when you are a bit more persistent they let you do this. Remember to check your bike - mainly steering and breaks. Koh Chang has a lot of hills that go up and down so good breaks are important. Just take a short ride back and forth and if you do not like the bike, they will give you another one to try until you get your pick.  

Just for your reference, plan one the day of arrival and departure, we rent Songthaew to go to our accommodation since it will take about 40 mins driving from and to ao Sapparot pier. The price for the songthaew quite high it’s about 200-250 baht/ person. But maybe it depends on the destination. There is a bike rental at the pier but we did not used this one.

Coconut Organic Garden

A small cafe with a small stall in the front selling coconut and pineapple.You won’t find something special until you sit down there, have a talk with the owner then accidentally check his superb toilet. He surprised us for extra coconut, suddenly he brought it to our table and say this is from my farm, try it. He was standing and looking at our expression. Super cool guy. He put brown sugar instead of normal sugar in the cafe. I guess it’s a homemade product. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Picture: Organic farm with Organic fruits

Picture: Organic toilet at the organic coconut farm

Sometimes when you’re traveling you will realize it’s not about the most beautiful place you can see instead of the chance to meet people like him. His passion and positivity towards what he’s doing gave me memorable memories.

Ps: the coconut from his place taste differently it’s sweeter and soft, a secret that we don’t know what’s the answer.

Picture: Fresh local coconuts and coffee with coconut milk

Mantis Shrimp

Koh Chang is quite popular with their mantis shrimps. We tried the one in Sakak Khok seafood. Quite far from my accommodation (the other side of the island!) but it’s worth it to try. We love it very much, the sauce goes so well with the shrimp. And the shrimp is so fresh. There’s a kayak service there if you wanna check the mangrove forest, I even saw Thai style gondola provided nearby in Salakkok fishing village.

Picture: Mantis Shrips - very tasty!

Picture: Sakak Khok seafood restaurant reccomended to try teir Manthis Shrimps

Picture: Sakak Khok seafood restaurant reccomended to try teir Manthis Shrimps


We had one of the best massages. Back and shoulder for 300 baht/person. The funny part is the Masseuse were normally eating together in front of the massage place, and once we wanna visit they will pack all the food fast and start the business.

Indie Beach House

We love the design of the place. It’s eco-friendly and the view is awesome. Just a great ambiance to feel the quietness of Koh Chang yet a stylish touch of the decoration. At night mostly we were sitting on the lazy chair, talking, joking and just looking at the stars with the wave as a back sounds.

Things you should know

Koh Chang is not a place to party, there are some bars but not a single big club here. You can do island hopping to Koh Mak or Koh Kood from Bang bao pier. We were not able to make it but I was asking about it and it looked like a great option to try.
Tarnmayom pier area mostly where the resorts are and Bang bao pier is mostly where the hostel area.
There are some waterfalls here, and National Park, be careful with the insects' thou. The repellent will do good.

We had such a limited yet wonderful time here, I know we haven’t visited a lot of places but there will always be a reason to come back next time.


Dropped pin
Near ร้านอาหารอู่ข้าวอู่น้ำKoh Chang Tai, Ko Chang District, Trat 23170
Quite good local food with affordable price, they even have WiFi just in case you need it

Picture: Beatifull relaxing views

Picture: City life and Songthaew helping with transportation

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