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Riding a bike is a simple skill everyone of us knows something about. In fact, while you are reading this now, there is a fair chance you can ride a bike quite well yourself. But if you look at others, riding a bike is a activity you can do very differently. Mountain biking, speed racing, long distance, BMX, tracking. The same applies to traveling. You can follow the crowds, cherry pick organized trips or follow your own paths. There is no god or bad. It just is. While this is true I found you can follow routine paths not even knowing an option of rerouting even exists. Doing it differently, risking a bit and taking your chances here and there opens you to mistakes and opportunities. You see, traveling, like riding a bike can be a skill. And treated as such, it can be improved. I would like to take the opportunity to recommend acknowledging many different ways you can do traveling. Once a while take a wrong turn, organize something yourself, backpack or listen to some local recommendations. Chances are you'll like what you get.

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Tenerife offers an abundance of choices when it comes to beaches. From public, touristy places to cosy local spots bursting with natural beauty that are sometimes difficult to get to, everyone will find something for themselves
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Angkor Wat is a temple complex in Cambodia and the largest religious monument in the world by land area, on a site measuring 162.6 hectares

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Top 5 beaches in Dubai
Thomas | 3 years, 6 months | United Arab Emirates
When it comes to beaches, I do not believe there is any right one for everyone. It’s just a matter of personal preferences. It has to be a good fit to ones private “checklist”. I was able to visit some beaches in Dubai and here is my TOP 5 personal pick. I hope it can help you to make your pick if you do not have the time to visit them all.
Visiting Masca Village
Thomas | 3 years, 6 months | Spain Tenerife
When you are on Tenerife you can visit the famous Masca. It’s a small little village in the mountains that offers Wonderfull, breathtaking views and gives you an opportunity to enjoy a nice, local meal in some of the few restaurants to choose from.
Trip from Bangkok to Ayutthaya
Thomas | 3 years, 6 months | Thailand
Not so far from Bangkok there is a city that is a gem to discover. An absolutely “must see” on the list when you are staying longer in Bangkok. Day trip will do the tick to see the temples and to try Ayutthaya famous giant river prawns known as Going Pao.
Trip from Bangkok to Ko Samet
Thomas | 3 years, 6 months | Thailand
Ko Samet is a nice, small island in the vicinity of Bangkok. It takes couple hours to get there and you can enjoy nice sunny beaches and chilled local people welcoming you. White sandy beach was calling me and if you’re on the same page let’s goo :)
From Bangkok to Koh Chang trip
Thomas | 3 years, 6 months | Thailand
Koh Chang is a lovely island just 5-7 hours trip away from Bangkok. It’s a simple and easy way to experience nice local kitchen, beautiful beaches and laid back life style of Thais.

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